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Added new options for menu (vertical and horizontal). Added support for meta tags (keywords and description). Changed structure of hashlinks (HTTP 403 error in IE on some servers). 16.03.2012 – v1.0 First release. Added HTML version (without server side scripting). 18.09.2012 – v2.0 Updated jQuery and jQuery plugins to newest versions. Added options which allows/disallows copy text from pages. Updated jQuery fancyBox plugin to ver. 2.1.4. Updated jQuery libraries and plugins to the newest versions. 05.08.2013 – v2.5.2 Added support for WP 3.6. 14.06.2013 – v2.5.1 Updated Twitter user timeline to API 1.1. 03.04.2013 – v2.5 Fixed few minor bugs.

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