Календарь 2012 шаблон psd

Thus, an entry like 5/16 Our Anniversary ({1998}) shows up on the 2009 calendar as Our Anniversary (11) I also fixed the default year computation: in the 2nd half of the year, it now defaults to next year. That’s a perfect way to spread the holiday atmosphere to your clients, friends and family. It’s a ready to print template in 300dpi so you just have to add your custom text and you’re good to go. The same grouping is done for the day names (“Monday”, “Tuesday”…) and the week numbers, if you’ve requested them. Designed with detail, the calendar PSD template can be used for your web and mobile phone related projects.The icon comes as a full vector shape layerd PSD file. Rasterize & Merge Most Text Layers This option is turned on by default, and compresses the many individual date-number layers (“1”, “2”, … “31”) into one layer by rasterizing and merging.

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