H шаблон seamus

Heaney commented that his parentage contained both the Ireland of the cattle-herding Gaelic past and the Ulster of the Industrial Revolution; he considered this to have been a significant tension in his background. Assembly-driven activation of the AIM2 foreign-dsDNA sensor provides a polymerization template for downstream ASC. Nat. Retrieved 20 November 2010. ^ «Seamus Heaney MRIA 1939-2013 — A Very Special Academician». ria.ie. 30 August 2013. Retrieved 8 September 2013. ^ «Seamus Heaney». aosdána.artscouncil.ie. 30 August 2013. Retrieved 8 September 2013. ^ University of Pennsylvania. The Rad51/RadA N-terminal domain activates nucleoprotein filament ATPase activity.

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