Dvdstyler шаблоны

Here you can select a temporary directory, and whether you want to create an ISO image or burn the slideshow directly on the system.I suggest you select to create the ISO only for testing purposes. But then again, if you can overcome all these unfortunate monetizing choices made by Freemake, their Video Converter does a pretty good job at helping you author your own DVDs. Just be extra careful when you install it on your computer. The way it works now in that area is a waste of time and computer resources. — The biggest *glaring* omission of function in this program is that you can’t preview DVD menus before clicking «Burn» and waiting for the lengthy DVD generation process to complete. You can also double click the button to set the button properties such as action, title, color, font, etc. Click on the ‘Buttons’ tab on the left-hand edge of the program window and insert a button by dragging (left-click, hold, and drag) a button into the Menu Editor.

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